Private label


The prices of our products in each category are very attractive. Everyday, we make every effort to present you the most competitive offer! Our Private Label products are cheaper than the branded products. Why? Due to the lack of advertising costs and creating different distribution channels.

Private Labels don’t have to invest in advertising to attract customers. All they really need is proven quality and low price.

With Private Labels you can compete with the supermarkets and offer your customers what they are looking for - savings!


Our products stand for taste, quality and use of natural ingredients without any enhancers! Our Private Label products produced in our plant have the same quality as branded products. Thanks to many years of experience in production, tradition, and original recipe, which hasn't changed in 60 years, and with proven technologies, we guarantee the appropriate quality of our products.

Goods sold under private labels do not differ from their branded equivalents. On the contrary, they are identical, except they are packaged and labeled differently. Private label products play an important role in trade and fast-moving consumer goods industry.

Our products are manufactured under the constant supervision of accredited laboratories - this way we guarantee the highest quality of our products to our customers.

Availability and assistance in the realization of the project

We provide the best solutions for the Customer. We offer assistance in the preparation of projects and their implementation up to the very last step with the finished product. We listen and try to adapt to the requirements of the customer. We can also adapt our production to the delineated product range and weight.

Thanks to negotiating the lowest prices of ingredients, developing a proper orders solution and a long search for the best suppliers of packaging materials, we can provide the best prices on the packaging.

We offer favorable conditions of settlement. Each group of customers may count on an individual offer and delivery system.

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