We believe that people are our best asset.

We focus on the continuous development of our employees providing regular trainings for:

  • Sales Representatives - improving sales skills,
  • Sales Department - improving the quality of customer service,
  • Purchasing Department - improving negotiation skills,
  • Motivational Trainings - giving energy to face new business and private challenges.

We continue to invest in logistical, IT and production facilities.

  • Storage space is now 2500 m2,
  • Customer orders are delivered by our own fleet of vehicles equipped with tail lifts,
  • The warehouse is supported by "Mobile Warehouse Manager" system, and issue of goods is done by modern "MOTOROLA" scanners, which reduces mistakes to the minimum,
  • Representatives are equipped with the "TEMIGO" mobile information system and thanks to their mobile devices they are able to send orders to the company in real time,
  • It is all supervised by the ERP system of the „TEMAT Komputer Sp. z o. o.” company, that constitutes the heart of our IT support. This system allows for quick exchange of electronic documents between the warehouse and the customer.


We appreciate all our regular customers cooperating with our company for years.

We organize:

  • Loyalty programs with prizes
  • Incentive schemes
  • Promotional brochures, catalogues
  • One week specials, special offers
  • Promotional Actions - Sweet "SMS", "SUPER OFFER", "Sweets of the WORLD"


"Every big thing has to cost money and it Has to be hard. Only small things are worthless and easy."
Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński


Reliable Company - Since 30.10.2009 Since 30.10.2009 we have been participating in the Reliable Company Programme and we provide a whole set of information to demonstrate our credibility. At the request of our partners and customers we provide registration information, information about the decision-making in the company and our achievements.


HACCP - We have implemented the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) for the proceedings to ensure the highest food safety.







we do what we do?

"Because we believe that business is not only about making money but it's the service we can offer to our employees and contractors but most of all to our customers. We do this because this is what we do best. "



we do it?

"We do it as if each contractor was our key customer in business, no matter how big his orders are."



we do?

„For the last 13 years we have been focusing on our customers and their welfare. We gain our knowledge and skills and we also try to set ambitious targets, to ensure that our customers can be even more satisfied with our cooperation with them”.


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