Our bakery and confectionery plant in Mszana Dolna and its traditional delicious chocolate wafers have more than 50 year old history. 

  • ZSPP in Tarnow transmits its facility in Mszana Dolna to confectionery plant in Wadowice.
  • Starting production for Skawa. The company has been operating on the market continuously for 19 years.
  • On January 1, 1960, there was a significant change in the organizational system. "Olza" in Cieszyn and "SKAWA" in Wadowice were separated from the Silesian Plant. Next, they were transformed into ZPC „Olza” In Cieszyn. As a result of the redivision of the company, the plant in Mszana Dolna became the property of "OLZA".
  • By 1996, the plant produces for "Olza" in Cieszyn.
  • By 2000, the plant belongs to "Skawa" again.
  • It changes into a private plant and it operates under ARASCO producing for "Skawa" in Wadowice.
  • The plant is bought by the "Max" Company, which has been operating in Małopolska for 10 years as a distributor of sweets. This allows to expand the markets not only for distribution but also for production.
  • "Max" 1Company receives funding which helps to succeed in winning new markets (here in Poland and also abroad) The company produces wafers, candy and chocolates under "Koszałki". It also introduces two new services: packaging and milling normal granulated sugar into a powdered sugar for special offers and tenders.


Since the very beginning of our activity, we have enjoyed high quality products by using only natural ingredients, and so it is until today. For us, the most important values are high quality - while preserving traditional recipes - and the unique taste of our products. The original recipe guarantees perfect taste for 50 years now.

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